Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting and life-changing time. For you both! Now imagine the same transition through the eyes of your young pup: it’s a badass world out there. We want to give these little guys the very best start in life and help them understand their surroundings. Doing so through positive exposure will help them develop into calm, polite and confident dogs.

You will have heard the expression ‘socialisation’ a lot. And for good reason. This simple word is actually a mega-umbrella term for all things new to your puppy and – most importantly – ensuring these experiences are positive and enjoyable. After all, your pup will remember these early formative memories for life.

Alas, until the government introduce Pawternity Leave, we must all go back to work eventually! Happily The Dog House Manly can help. Puppylove is a unique home visit service specialising in company, playtime, enrichment activities and short walks for puppies. The skills learnt at pre-school classes will be encouraged and rewarded in a calm, safe and 1-on-1 environment.

Your future adult dog will thank you for the time and focus you have devoted to his early development. As your pup grows up and becomes more assured, we can start to introduce a few quiet pack-pals who will help mentor them on their journey to enjoying the dog park as it should be enjoyed: fun, stress-free and sociable. For you both!

Invest the time and before you know it your puppy will have grown into his ears and paws and you will have a happy, confident and ‘well socialised’ best friend. For life.